How to burn fat

You might be stuck with that big belly, love handles, and some extra pounds, and you would love to get rid of them and start burning fat

How many calories should you eat a day to lose weight – Great Tips To Start Burning Fat

It is not just about running long distances, having a healthy diet or doing heavy workouts in order to start burning fat. It is about doing things that make you happy, so I picked up some activities that burn lots of calories, while at the same time are really fun:-)

1. Inline Skating
Skating is not just fun, it also aids in blasting fat and calories. Yes, it really works; when skating, the side to side movements, mainly exercise your butt and thigh muscles to burn calories.

2. Running
running to burn fatHave you ever thought why a runner’s shape is usually lean and sleek?

Well, here is the reason, the main muscles that are engaged when one is running are the ones in the legs, thighs, and abdominal region.

What you should know, muscles and tissues found in these places are the major fat burning muscles in your body. Most importantly, try to engage the whole body by swinging your hands, avoid leaning forward and keep your feet close to the ground when running.

3. Rope Jumping
jump rope to burn fat

For better upshots when jumping, let the rope’s handles reach slightly beneath your armpits, the legs be slightly apart, jump when upright and have your jumps as low as possible.

4. Hula Hooping

Hooping will also increase the fat burning process in most people.  To kick it off, place one leg slightly in front of the other, then spin the hoop while trying to shift your weight front and backwards.

5. Eating Thai Chicken Citrus

Its components are carrot, cabbage and daikon. Its consumption increases metabolism, as it contains antioxidants and fibers. T

6. Eating a Cabbage & Apple mixture
apple cabbage for weight lossOne can easily tell that this repast is made of cabbage and apple blend (apple with savoy and red type cabbage blend is particularly recommended).

This assortment is great for diuretic and detox properties. Its rich fiber contents stimulates digestion rate.

7. Eat a Cucumber Caprese Salad for Dinner
Cucumber-Avocado-Caprese-SaladYou should consider incorporating this mixture into your diet considering the vitamins it contains.

The blend has fiber, omega 3s, proteins and anti-inflammatory agents.

Exercises have always been considered as the main activity for burning fat. However, making sure you enjoy them can boost the process.