Konjac Root, Reducing Appetite & Weight Loss

Glucomannan Capsules, which is also commonly called Konjac Root Fiber, has numerous health benefits and help in weight loss.

For instance, it has a high fiber content, which is necessary for the body, it helps balance levels of cholesterol, and it can balance blood sugar as well.

Unfortunately, weight loss is not always unproblematic, and with many potions and pills promising to make the process easy, it is not always easy to know what to rely on.

So what are glucomannan capsules?

Glucomannan is a natural dietetic fiber that is soluble in water. Glucomannan is extracted from the root of Konjac or elephant yam.

The fiber is taken as a supplement and can be mixed in food products such as pasta and flour. Elephant yam is originally from Asia, and it has been used throughout history in herbal blends, as well as in traditional foods like tofu.

Glucomannan has the exceptional capacity to absorb large amounts of water. So much so, that if you empty a Glucomannan capsule into a small amount of water, the mixture turns into a gel.

It is such unique characteristics that allow Glucomannan to help with weight loss.

How to lose weight with Glucomannan Konjac Root Capsules

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that can dissolve in water. Like other fibers with the same characteristics, it is believed to aid weight loss through a number of mechanisms. For instance:

  • It is very low in calories
  • When consumed, it gives a feeling of fullness or satiety, which reduces the amount of food you consume daily.
  • It delays you from emptying your stomach meaning you feel fuller for longer durations.
  • Since it is a soluble fiber, it reduces the amount of fat or protein absorbed.
  • It feeds friendly intestinal bacteria that are responsible for turning it into short chain fatty acids that protect you from gaining weight.

Does Glucomannan Konjac Root work for weight loss?

Glucomannan capsules, when taken regularly can cause modest weight loss over time. It should be consumed before meals, and it is particularly useful when used in combination with exercise and a balanced diet.

When consumed before any meals, it causes weight loss by allowing the individual to feel full, which reduces the body’s energy intake.

In addition to aiding the weight loss process, Glucomannan capsules also improve several risk factors for cardiac diseases. It diminishes the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach, which reduces blood cholesterol, therefore making you healthier.

Being a soluble fiber, Glucomannan capsules can also help alleviate the effects of constipation. Please note that the Glucomannan capsules will not work miraculously without proper diet and exercise.

Why HIIT Are Great Workouts For Losing Belly Fat Fast

Did you know HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can help you lose belly fat fast, all because of the “afterburn effect”?

hiit workout for losing belly fatHIIT has become very popular over the past 10 years and involves alternating short periods of high intensity training with short periods of low intensity training (recovery interval).

High intensity means about 90% of your maximum body capacity and low intensity means 30% – you can call it chilling down if you want.

It is a simply a natural mechanism, your body needs to replenish oxygen, to remove lactic acid from muscles, restore muscle fibers and decrease it’s temperature before you exercise again.

That’s why HIIT are great workouts for losing weight and burning belly fat

Studies have shown that intensive efforts, but short duration bring more benefits and last longer compared to long steady cardio.

Short sessions, even for 10-15 minutes has been found to be very effective when it comes to high intensity interval training.

Let’s face it, no matter how busy you are, surely you can find 15 minutes a day to improve your health and appearance and burn belly fat!

Bellow is my 1st HIIT workout video, the first workout from my program. It takes only 18 minutes together with warm up and stretching, and my recommendation is to do it on your empty stomach, tomorrow morning!

Other ways to do your HIIT and lose belly fat

HIIT can be done by using the park ladders, sprints, squats, flotation, lunges.The more you vary your exercises the more intense your workout will be !

Here are a few HIIT workouts examples.

Another great choice for you would be to choose sprints in the park or ladders. Start with 5-10 minutes of warming up, which must include a slow jog, a few squats and heating joints.

Use a clock or a stopwatch to measure your effort and time intervals and especially the breaks. Repeat the circuit consisting of effort and breaks for 6-10 repetitions, and 15 minutes are sufficient if you are a beginner.

The number of intervals depends on the type and duration of exercise. The goal is to do at least 6 intervals, and all HIIT sessions to last at least 15 minutes and no more than 25.

An important mention is to establish a proportion of a workout range: recovery interval to 2: 1. For example, 30-40 seconds of sprinting alternated with 15-20 seconds of slow jog or walk.

DO NOT FORGET! You need to respect the effort and recovery intervals!

HIIT workout goal is to make a maximum effort in a limited time. Even if you are a beginner, do not choose to lengthen your exercise time.

Benefits of doing a HIIT workout every day

HIIT WORKOUTS FOR LOSING BELLY FATHIIT training has several benefits compared to other types of training.

First, this type of training is superior to classic cardio workout when it comes to increasing VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen that you can absorb during training.

It also increases insulin sensitivity. Experts have concluded that HIIT can help you burn calories during the workout, immediately after and up to 48 hours after the workout, just because your muscles need to recover.

What this means? Short and intense effort will increase your metabolism, which leads to fat being burned. To get the most out of your workouts, a good way would be to incorporate a weight loss supplement like konjac root capsules in your diet 🙂

*It’s important to note, specific results are not typical and are NOT guaranteed. So the sweet thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course. Especially when we consider how many different female “body-types” there are..

Why coconut oil helps in weight loss and how much you may take each day

coconut oil for weight lossCoconut oil has lots of benefits for our body and health! Studies have shown that it increases metabolism and also reduces hunger.

Other benefit is that it increases good cholesterol and helps in weight loss. In this article you will find out why is important to consume coconut oil and how much you should consume each day.

Coconut oil is a mix of the most healthy fats and also an unique combination of fatty acids.

This super food may help you lose weight, reduce your appetite and acquire an incredible mental focus, also helps you to be healthy. More benefits of coconut oil are: antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Coconut oil is a great fat for your long term health

Coconut oil  helps you to absorb minerals, which is important in strengthening teeth, bones and also will make you to have a healthy skin, hair and nails.

It is very rich in saturated fatty acids that are very healthy and also contains decent amounts of protein and a low glycemic index.

One cup of coconut pulp, which is approximately 200 grams, contains 27 g fat, 3 g protein, 12 g carbohydrates.Most of these carbohydrates are fiber. It is very rich in electrolytes like: potassium and other minerals.

Most important thing about Coconut Oil is that increase energy and helps you to burn fat, by increasing metabolism.

How much coconut oil you should take each day?!

HOW MUCH COCONUT OILWell, it depends from person to person and daily calorie needs, but studies have shown that : 15-30 grams  per day increases energy consumption by up to 5%, leading to a long-term healthy weight loss.

If you consume 1500 calories per day, you can take 36-39 grams of coconut oil  – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day – chose the one with natural flavor 🙂



How to burn fat

You might be stuck with that big belly, love handles, and some extra pounds, and you would love to get rid of them and start burning fat

How many calories should you eat a day to lose weight – Great Tips To Start Burning Fat

It is not just about running long distances, having a healthy diet or doing heavy workouts in order to start burning fat. It is about doing things that make you happy, so I picked up some activities that burn lots of calories, while at the same time are really fun:-)

1. Inline Skating
Skating is not just fun, it also aids in blasting fat and calories. Yes, it really works; when skating, the side to side movements, mainly exercise your butt and thigh muscles to burn calories.

2. Running
running to burn fatHave you ever thought why a runner’s shape is usually lean and sleek?

Well, here is the reason, the main muscles that are engaged when one is running are the ones in the legs, thighs, and abdominal region.

What you should know, muscles and tissues found in these places are the major fat burning muscles in your body. Most importantly, try to engage the whole body by swinging your hands, avoid leaning forward and keep your feet close to the ground when running.

3. Rope Jumping
jump rope to burn fat

For better upshots when jumping, let the rope’s handles reach slightly beneath your armpits, the legs be slightly apart, jump when upright and have your jumps as low as possible.

4. Hula Hooping

Hooping will also increase the fat burning process in most people.  To kick it off, place one leg slightly in front of the other, then spin the hoop while trying to shift your weight front and backwards.

5. Eating Thai Chicken Citrus

Its components are carrot, cabbage and daikon. Its consumption increases metabolism, as it contains antioxidants and fibers. T

6. Eating a Cabbage & Apple mixture
apple cabbage for weight lossOne can easily tell that this repast is made of cabbage and apple blend (apple with savoy and red type cabbage blend is particularly recommended).

This assortment is great for diuretic and detox properties. Its rich fiber contents stimulates digestion rate.

7. Eat a Cucumber Caprese Salad for Dinner
Cucumber-Avocado-Caprese-SaladYou should consider incorporating this mixture into your diet considering the vitamins it contains.

The blend has fiber, omega 3s, proteins and anti-inflammatory agents.

Exercises have always been considered as the main activity for burning fat. However, making sure you enjoy them can boost the process.

What are good calories for weight loss ?

When it comes to burning fat, it is really important to count your calories and to only eat the good calories so to speak…

What kind of calories should you eat daily to lose weight?

Well, when it comes to calories and weight loss, good ones are from protein. If you can follow a low carb and high protein diet, you should be ok 🙂

One of my clients, consumed around 1300 calories per day, from which almost 600 were from protein, and the rest of the calories were from healthy fats and carbs, and in one month, she achieved great results.

I can’t guarantee you will get the same weight loss results… the only thing I know is that once you start eating more veggies and reduce carb intake, you should feel great…  Your health may improve and you will start having more and more energy 🙂